Temple Beth-EL

               Rockford, Illinois

Yom Rishon, 28 Av 5777

Jim's Jems


I am always touched by the generosity of our Temple members. Recently, Kathy and Arthur Rettig donated a television to Temple Beth-El. Having taught in our Religious School for a number of years, I can report that we are in great need of a new television, as we often show Jewish-themed videos to our students.
In addition, a few months ago, Dr. Howard Weiss contacted Jerry Paris about donating an automobile to our Car Mitzvah Program. Through Jerry’s efforts, the car was sold and Temple received a sizable contribution. I know that there are other people who donate their time and goods and services to Temple Beth-El, some of whom wish to remain anonymous. It goes without saying that Temple Beth-El cannot survive without the generosity of our members.
In the meantime, things continue to be busy at Temple. Our Vice-President of Communications, Karen Zussman, has done a tremendous job this summer reaching out to potential new members. Believe it or not, preparations are well under way for the upcoming High Holidays with our choir starting rehearsals and the Religious Functions Committee organizing members to serve as ushers and to participate in services. Please respond if you are asked to participate.
Just a reminder that the annual and popular Pet Shabbat service will take place, weather permitting, on August 18. We have had great turnouts the past two years with members bringing their pets. It is a fun time for all, including our best friends. I hope to see you there.
 - Jim