Temple Beth-El  

Rockford, Illinois

Yom Sheini, 9 Elul 5778

Rob's Rant ....


It’s hard to believe summer is almost over, and it only seems like it just began. I have even heard rumors of the choir talking about rehearsals for the upcoming High Holidays. I guess like white pants (or shoes) after Labor Day, it must be the end of the summer, although I hear that fashion standard has fallen by the side of the road.

On a different note, I did something last week that maybe a couple of you have done at one time or the other: I read the back section of the most recent Rockford Area Jewish Community Directory. Not that I didn’t have anything else to read, but I figured I should make myself more informed. Yes, this is where I found some more information on the Building Fund from last month’s rant. This month, however, I would like to focus on two “funds” that aren’t listed in the directory.

The 1914 Legacy Society kicked off this year following recommendations during the strategic plan-ning sessions a while back. To date, we have nine members of the inaugural ‘founders circle.’ There is still time to join!

The 1914 Legacy Society is the planned giving mechanism of choice for members wishing to remember Temple Beth-El in their estate planning. A couple of key points about this means of giving back to the Temple: first, there is no minimum (or maxi-mum) contribution requirement. Whether you want to contribute a fixed amount, a percentage, the idea is to make the giving something that is comfortable for you and your family. Second, this means of giving is completely revocable or may be altered at any time. And third, you may designate a dedicated fund or purpose for your gift. All you need to do is let us know that you are or have included the Temple in your estate planning, and that’s it – no need to notify us of any changes that’s a decision between you, your family, and financial or legal advisors. If you would like more information, please let me know; or contact Joyce in the office.
The other “fund” not listed in the directory is the much-rumored upcoming capital campaign. We’ve all heard about the roof and HVAC repairs that are now underway, and there are a couple of other items that need some significant updates, repairs, replace-ments, or other maintenance. Tops on this list is the sanctuary, of course. However, this project ends up working out, our focal point of worship is in need of some renewal. Related, our Memorial Alcove requires some attention as well. We’ve run out of plaque space, and there are currently a couple of solutions floating around to address this situation and to maintain the dignity and respect in how we memori-alize our loved ones. Then, of course, there’s the kitchen. I’m not sure I know all the required updates in there; but our kitchen needs a little love, too. Finally (but probably not the last area), there is the parking lot. Our parking lot is in desperate need of either sig-nificant repairs, or outright replacing in many areas. If you’ve come late for a High Holiday service and had to parking on the paved, grassy area in the northeast section of the lot, you know what I’m talking about. The place where the grass and blacktop seamlessly meld into a unique eco-friendly looking material.

Anyway, keep an eye out for more information on the capital campaign coming soon, and consider adding the Temple in your estate planning through the 1914 Legacy Society