Temple Beth-El  

Rockford, Illinois

Yom Rishon, 14 Tishri 5779

Spring is just around the
corner and what is the first
thing that Temple members
think of -------
Food-A-Rama of course,

and what would FAR be without blintzes?


I can’t imagine. Everyone loves our blintzes and
they are a BIG moneymaker for FAR. If we are to
have enough blintzes to meet the demands of our
customers, we need your help. We will be doing 4
cooking sessions between Sunday, April 15th and
Sunday April 22nd. Plan ahead and mark your
calendar to join us for one or more

Below are the dates and times:
Sunday, April 15th, 9 am - noon – led by Alma Quimby

Tuesday, April 17th, 9 am – noon - led by Barbara Simon

Wednesday, April 18th, 9 am – noon – led by Sharon Goldsand

Sunday, April 22nd, 9:00am noon – led by Ronit Golan

Contact the above leaders to volunteer today.
We need YOU!!!!
Thank you,
FAR Committee