Temple Beth-EL 

Rockford, Illinois


Yom Chamishi, 26 Kislev 5778


200 Words or Less…
By Goldie & Adrian

October is always such a busy and fun month with all our fall holidays! Hope you saw the beautiful sukkot decorations in our sukkah. Thanks, Sandy Simon, for your creative art project ideas that led to our students’ spectacular results! Thanks to those who helped hang all the decorations: Karen Zussman, Brian Shore, Jordan Towne and Sandy Simon. The following week we had fun eating pizza and marching with our flags to celebrate Simcha Torah! This past month we also had music with Barbara Simon and Mitch Kopnick and cooking with Ronit. Thank you all for sharing your talents with our students! 

On October 15 Adult Ed had a wonderful program where chef Laura Frankel shared many of her cooking secrets. Some of our students attended this program and I must tell you they behaved admirably, very proud of them!! They had some great questions too!

We'd like to say Mazel Tov to the Holmstrom family in honor of Ella becoming a Bat Mitzvah on October 21st. Such wonderful memories for a lifetime!

On October 22, parents had a chance to hear about safety in our building and were able to tour the Temple finding all exits and safe places in case of emergency. On that note, we already had a school fire drill and will have a tornado drill in the coming weeks.

November 3 will be our Family Shabbat service and dinner beginning at 6:00. Families will have a chance to share a special Jewish item brought from home. Please join us for this special Shabbat evening!

Remember, there will be no Hebrew on November 22 and no Sunday classes on November 26th. Have a happy Thanksgiving and count your blessings!

Till next time, Shalom.

They are Old & Tired


Temple Beth-El has been fortunate to have funds to help us with projects that we might otherwise have a hard time funding. The Robert and Joel Garten Youth and Scholarship Fund has for many years provided funding for camperships for our religious school students. Attending Olin Sang Ruby has given our young people a unique opportunity to spend time and bond with other Jewish kids in an environment many would miss without such help from The Garten Fund.

Another such fund is The Michael Dermer Religious School Fund. This fund was established to raise money for religious school activities. Enrichment programs, scholarships and youth activities all benefit from this fund. These funds are kept healthy with your contributions for such wishes as birthday greetings or condolence notes. Your generous contributions have kept these funds working for many years.

The religious school needs an upgrade to the computer lab. Our current computers are old and tired. As we are all aware, the minute we downloaded Windows 10, those of us with older machines saw their machines slow down and start to balk at the things we want them to do.

Our computers are very old and have operating systems no longer supported. We have an opportunity to get six refurbished machines that have the newer operating systems, faster processors and the ability to be fast enough on the internet to keep our students both engaged and up to date with the latest software. However, spending the $1,400 from the Dermer Fund will go a long way to deplete its fund balance.

We are asking, as you think about making your donations to our funds, you direct a few dollars to-wards the Dermer Fund or Garten Fund so that we can rebuild them. These funds are very important to the Temple, and your generosity keeps them going. While all our funds do great things, maybe keep the Dermer or Garten Fund in mind for a while. Thanks.