President’s Message

I would like to thank my immediate predecessors, Jim Gesmer and Brina Grigg, as wonderful mentors and committed members of our congregation; and I would like to thank the board of directors and all members for choosing me to help lead the Temple as we start to implement some of the strategic planning goals identified last year.

A friend of mine is probably the world’s third largest producer of garlic just behind South Korea (at least it seems that way from what she gets out of her small plots). One of the byproducts of growing garlic is the scape that long green stem that shows about three to four months before you can harvest the actual garlic bulbs. She recently left me another batch of these scapes, and I had to wonder what to do with four pounds of what most people might otherwise discard or compost. Somewhere in there is a moral or an analogy of using what you have and not wasting anything.

As the board began looking at options for the various projects, needing to be done it was immediately obvious that the roof and HVAC repairs were the most critical. While the other projects might appear more appealing (modernizing the sanctuary, updating the kitchen, expanding the memorial alcove, or even repair-ing the parking lot – OK maybe the last one isn’t as appealing but certainly more visible than the roof or even the HVAC equipment.

Over the next couple of months a committee will be working on establishing a capital campaign to raise the monies to accomplish all or most of these goals, but in the process one of the areas that has been highlighted is that our building fund, the Bud Schaider Building Fund, is woefully in need of some help. I would like think of the building fund as the scapes of the cam-paign. While we will get to our goals (and make some garlic, if you’re following the analogy), it would be nice to have some scapes to rely on until we get to the actual garlic. So, if you’re looking for a place to make additional donations for weddings, births, B’nai Mitzvot, or something else please consider donating to the Temple’s building fund. The building will thank you, and the next generation of members will thank you, too.
One thing is for sure over the next couple of months and years: we are in store for some wonderful changes and developments. Enjoy the journey!
By the way, in case you’re curious: garlic scapes make a wonderful pesto – with or without basil, beans, or oth-er additions (I prefer basil and sunflower seeds rather than pine nuts). And four pounds of scapes work out to about two quarts of pesto. Imagine what we can do with a well-funded building fund!