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Yom Rivii, 1 Adar I 5776
  • Shabbat in the Park Shabbat in the Park July 2014
  • City Market Shabbat 2014 at State of Art Gallery
  • David Syme Lecturing David Syme talking about Jewish Roots and the Classics
  • David Syme David Syme performing at Temple Beth-El, June 6th 2014
  • Our Sanctuary
  • GRTY at Rock Cut Park Greater Rockford Temple Youth (GRTY) having fun at Rock Cut State Park in Love's Park
  • Unwrapping the Torah Unwrapping the Torah during Sinchat Torah
  • Simchat Torah Simchat Torah 2005
  • Sukkot In the Sukkah
  • Shabbat in the Park
  • City Market Shabbat 2014 at State of Art Gallery
  • David Syme Lecturing
  • David Syme
  •  Our Sanctuary
  • GRTY at Rock Cut  Park
  • Unwrapping the Torah
  • Simchat Torah
  • Sukkot


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For the last two months, I’ve been answering a couple questions about “choreography” during prayer, such as bending our knees, bowing, etc. Last month, we talked about bending and bowing at the be-ginning of the Tefilah or Amidah prayer. Let’s continue with another part of that prayer – the Kedusha, which speaks of God’s holiness. During the morning version of this prayer, we sing “Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh,” “Holy, holy, holy.” You may have seen some people rise up on their toes three times at each mention of the word, “Kadosh.” This is based on a vision of the prophet Isaiah who saw a vision of God surrounded by angels. Rising on one’s toes, imitates the actions of the angels as they praised God. Another interpretation is that it is a symbolic lifting of the spirit (Shulkhan Aruch).

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Rabbi Wing

Dear Friends

From Rabbi Binah Wing



One of the goals of any Rabbi is to find ways to bring our members together so that we can enjoy all of the aspects of Judaism. These gatherings take many forms. First and foremost of these are worship and study. In addition to our worship services, we have an Oneg Shabbat where we share a snack and socialize. It is often the case that the Oneg lasts longer than the time of the service. This doesn’t surprise me either. We like to socialize, share our thoughts and just relax in the company of one another. We have social events such as the wonderful get together this past week at home of Roni and Ronit Golan which is part of our ongoing series of social activities. Twenty plus people came to eat, have a glass of wine and socialize. A wonderful time was had by all in attendance. We also have developed a very loyal and often large group who share Jewish Study and food monthly with our Torah on Tap at a rotating list of area restaurants. And of course, during the summer, we have many special Shabbatot such as City Market Shabbat where we pray at Roni Golan’s State of the Art Gallery and then head to the market. We have our S’more Shabbat, our Dari Fair Shabbat, and of course, Shabbat in the Park.

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