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Yom Rishon, 1 Tammuz 5777
  • Shabbat in the Park Shabbat in the Park July 2014
  • City Market Shabbat 2014 at State of Art Gallery
  • David Syme Lecturing David Syme talking about Jewish Roots and the Classics
  • David Syme David Syme performing at Temple Beth-El, June 6th 2014
  • Our Sanctuary
  • GRTY at Rock Cut Park Greater Rockford Temple Youth (GRTY) having fun at Rock Cut State Park in Love's Park
  • Unwrapping the Torah Unwrapping the Torah during Sinchat Torah
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  • Sukkot In the Sukkah
  • Shabbat in the Park
  • City Market Shabbat 2014 at State of Art Gallery
  • David Syme Lecturing
  • David Syme
  •  Our Sanctuary
  • GRTY at Rock Cut  Park
  • Unwrapping the Torah
  • Simchat Torah
  • Sukkot

Rabbi Wing

Dear Friends

From Rabbi Binah Wing


Happy June everyone! I’m glad to welcome the slower pace of things that the summer usually brings. I want to let you know of a few events hap-pening in June and give you an overview of our family summer plans, but first, big thanks are due to everyone who helped make Food-A-Rama such a great success. Special thanks to chairs Ronit Golan and Jay Sklar. Your tire-less work is so appreciated by us all! This is an amazing endeavor that involves almost everyone in the congrega-tion so everyone pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

And now for the events…
Tuesday, June 6th – Torah on Tap at the Sinnissippi Band Shell
In lieu of our regular meeting at a restaurant, we will be going to hear the Phantom Regiment for the first of the summer concerts at the Band Shell at Sinnissippi Park. The concert begins at 7pm. For those who RSVP, we’ll enjoy a picnic dinner together. We’ll meet at the park between 5:30 and 6:00 (we need to get there early as it’s a VERY popular night). I’ll bring the chicken and sides from KFC. You can bring your own drinks. RSVP as soon as possible so we know if we’ll have enough food! Please note that this event will be on the 1st Tuesday of the month instead of our usual 2nd Tuesday gathering.
Sunday, June 11th – Annual Meeting – 10am
Please come and hear what’s going on at Temple and vote in our new Board members. A tasty breakfast is included.
June 23rd – City Market Shabbat – 6pm
We’ll meet at Roni’s art gallery for services and then head out to City Market for dinner. NOTE: Roni’s gallery has moved since last year. It is now called The Under-ground and is located under Kuma’s restaurant at 418 E. State Street. Marc Soriano and David Sklar will be leading services.
Rabbi Wing Summer Plans
June 18th – July 2nd – I’ll be again serving as faculty at OSRUI, our Reform Jewish summer camp. Dur-ing this time, I will have limited access to email and cell reception.
July 3rd – July 7th – I’ll be in the office with limited hours.
July 8th – July 16th – I’ll be on vacation with my family in Northern Wisconsin.
July 17th – August 5th – I’ll be back at the Temple and in the office.
August 6th – 18th – I’ll be mostly in the office during these two weeks but will be taking a few vacation days here and there.
Other dates to note:
July 28th – S’more Shabbat – Always a favorite with a hot dog dinner and yummy s’mores!
August 18th – Pet Shabbat – Note – this will be a 6pm service even though it’s not the 4th Friday. Come enjoy this popular but short service!
I hope that the summer brings you warmth,
relaxation, and joy.

Rabbi Wing


Upcoming Events


06.30.2017 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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