Temple Beth-El  

Rockford, Illinois

Yom Sheini, 9 Elul 5778



Submitted by: Ben Kopnick, Co-President


It is President Ben Kopnick filling you in on all things GRTY for the final time. For this month of June, we saw the 2017-2018 GRTY year come to an end. At one last event at Nanci Soriano's house, some of our teens were inducted into higher positions and onto the executive board for next year’s 2018-2019 season. This beautiful candle lighting cere-mony was concluded with Nanci and Lauren’s final goodbyes to the group. It was a sad but necessary time, as good-byes always lead to new beginnings. After a final fun filled night of roasting s’mores and playing our annual ping pong tournament, our teens finally said goodbye to one another until the start of next year. I would just like to thank the congregation for supporting GRTY all year long, and I hope everyone has an incredible summer.

For your last time this year,
this is GRTY Co-president
Ben Kopnick signing off.

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