Temple Beth-EL 

Rockford, Illinois


Yom Rishon, 10 Adar 5778



Submitted by: Ben Kopnick, Co-President


Shalom Temple Beth El Congregation,

During this time of mourning, GRTY would like to reach out to the congregation as well as Rabbi and offer our condolences. We hope that this article finds our members in better spirits, and we hope that the knowledge that GRTY is continuing our great work will help to comfort our congregants.

This past month of January, GRTY had an extremely impactful day discussing Jewish values and seeing them firsthand in the movie “Miracle at Midnight.” After spending time reflecting and providing everyday examples of how one can better uphold their Jewish values, our youth group got to see the values in action through the eyes of Jewish Danes during World War II. This daring tale of bravery showed the sacrifice and danger taken upon by regular Danish citizens to help out their neighbors, the Jews. This impactful day of learning and reflection was an incredible experience for our teens.

For February, we hope to continue strengthening our Jewish values and are extremely excited for our annual Hamantaschen baking and sale. We here at GRTY hope everyone has had a nice January and are looking forward to a bright and healthy February, and don’t forget to buy some Hamantaschen!