Temple Beth-EL

               Rockford, Illinois

Yom Rishon, 28 Av 5777


Submitted by: Adam Gesmer, Co-President


As school came to an end for the year, it also sadly meant that GRTY was also wrapping up for the year. GRTY started their last month off by helping the temple with the preparations for Food-A-Rama. We helped set up tables, unload meat from the trucks, and set up all 2,100 bags. When the big event was over, many of us helped with the clean up.

A very special thank you to the Levy family (Ben, Noa, Rob and Lisa) for all their help with the Golden Years Prom. Ronit continues to do an incredible job putting it all together!

A couple weeks later, the last event for the year occurred which was our annual potluck/bonfire where we installed our new executive board and said goodbye to our only senior, Aaron Bar-enbaum, who did a great job as our Media and Technology VP. GRTY is happy to wel-come Aron Tatman to the Executive Board as a class representative for next year.

Congratulations to the GRTY 2017-2018 Executive Board

Jamie Zussman, Adam Gesmer, Ben Kopnick, Religious and Spiritual VP- Ben Levy Class Representative- Aron Tatman

After the installation, we enjoyed our annual pot-luck dinner, played lots of pool, ping pong, basketball and then played an intense group game of Family Feud. We ended our evening at Nanci's with a bonfire and s'mores (of course), and then the high schoolers spent the night at the Gesmer’s house for the Lock-In portion. A special thank you to Mary and Jim for hosting!!!!!

On Saturday, August 19, we will be kicking off the fall year of GRTY with an amazing Chicago trip to Lincoln Park Zoo, and then we will head off to see the play God of Isaac and have dinner in downtown Ev-anston!! What a GREAT way to start off the year!

Just a reminder, all students in grades 7-12 are welcome to be a part of GRTY this fall! Reservations are being taken now so be sure to contact Nanci Soriano or Lauren Lamont as soon as possible!!!

Because we have a large bus reserved for GRTY, we will have extra seats available for our congregants and their families who would like to spend the day in the city and then end up at the show!!We can arrange for additional drop off and pick up points just so we all end up at the theatre in time for the matinee performance! The bus will then return everyone to the temple after we have all had dinner. What an easy and fun way to get into Chicago and kick off the school year!!!



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